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Writer's Block: Instant wish

If you could have one--and only one--wish granted in the next five minutes, what would you wish? How do you think it would improve your life?

I would wish that the weather would miraculously clear up and not be overcast and miserable today. No, really. I want to go into town again this afternoon, 'cause the store didn't have what I wanted to buy yesterday, but I don't wanna go in if it's cold and gonna rain >:

This wish coming true would improve my life IMMENSELY. Because it would be a warm, sunny day which would make me happier, plus I would be able to go out and get some fresh air, AND I could go shopping and get some things I want/need, which would also make me happy.

UNRELATED: last night I dreamt I was somewhere like Blackpool, and as I was walking past all the touristy shops I saw a t shirt that said "busy being British". I want that t shirt irl XDD
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Hello neglected lj, long time no see >_>

Let's see, it really has been a long time since I updated this. I haven't done anything...truly exciting with my life since my last entry. Mostly I've just been working and watching anime, since my classes finished and all my assignments were handed in.

...No, really. This past week (since last Sunday) I've worked nearly 50 hours, and that's after Expo last Saturday. I'm pretty knackered by now XD; But I have the next couple of days off before having to go in again, and I intend to spend that time relaxing and...watching more anime.

In the past month I have watched:
- Princess Princess
- Baccano!
- Azumanga Daioh
- Kuroshitsuji
and have on the go at the moment:
- FMA: B
- Durarara!! (which I've semi-given up on >_>; )
- Full Metal Panic
- Hell Girl

I also finally caught up on Hetalia and started watching the World Series (currently 5 episodes in). SO YEAH anime has pretty much taken over my life and I'm loving it - marathons are fun :> Maybe I'll remember to post to lj more often which fangirly reactions to stuff I'm watching or something, idk. My life isn't that exciting XD;
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So once again I am heading to bed at around 9:30pm, which makes that the...fourth time this week I've done that? Monday night was justified; I had to be up at 5:45am on Tuesday morning for work. For the same reason, Tuesday night was justified - I'd been up since before six and was knackered. Last night I was just sleepy, same again tonight. Though I have woken up early by myself the past couple of mornings too, which is kind of odd!

I don't really have anything interesting to update with, but whatever. Tomorrow is more essaying, seeing as I didn't get as much done today as I meant to.
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Writer's Block: Too scary!!

Was there something you were afraid of as a child that just seems silly to you now?

Anyone here used to watch Thomas the Tank Engine? And does anyone remember the opening credits? Apparently I was scared-- no, terrified, of the windmill that you see on the right hand side of the screen, lmao. I have no idea why, nor do I actually remember this, but my mum told me that whenever I heard the music start playing I would just start screaming and crying because I knew it meant the windmill would be shown. She used to have to fast forward through the credits when I wanted to watch my videos XD;
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So my weekend was kind of crappy. Work was really stressing me out for various reasons and by the time I was done with that, I didn't feel like doing any uni work. I've been telling myself for three days, "tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be productive and work on these essays."

Trouble is, as the song from Bugsy Malone truthfully states, tomorrow never comes. I keep finding waaaay more interesting things to be doing. Like...lazing around in bed for another two hours this morning despite being awake.

I'm getting there, though. I've just finished and printed my presentation reflective commentary, now I just have to start working on the Contemporary Fiction essay DX I have three days to do it! /nose to grindstone
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It was nice out again today - not quite as warm as yesterday, I don't think, but still good weather for being outside. I had a couple of things to post so I went into town again, only this time I remembered to take my Waterstones giftcards that I still had from Christmas. Well, technically only one of them was mine; the other was my dad's, but I bought it off him seeing as he doesn't really shop in Waterstones. I'd been keeping them because I couldn't think of anything in particular that I wanted, but then last night I remembered I've been meaning to buy The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I borrowed it off someone a couple of years back and really enjoyed it, but never got round to getting a copy for myself.

SO off I went early this afternoon, intending to do my shopping, post my stuff, pick up my train tickets for going home next week, then return to my flat and work on my essays. My time in Waterstones was pretty amusing. To use the Highcross entrance, you go down an escalator into the store. So down I went wondering to myself how I was going to find this particular book (I wasn't sure if it would come under 'fiction arranged alphabetically by author' or what. Plus I hadn't been in Waterstones for a while and couldn't remember its layout) BUT as luck would have it, as I neared the foot of the escalator I happened to see a Kate Morton book on the shelf directly opposite me. So I trundled over to it and found the one I wanted to get, then thought I would browse the fiction area in case I found something else that caught my eye. Next to The Forgotten Garden I saw a book called The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse, so I pulled that down for a look. Admittedly I saw the Kate Mo-- of the author's name and thought it was another Morton book, which is the only reason I wanted to read the blurb.

Imagine my surprise when said blurb informed me that the brother of one of the main characters had fought (and died) in the First World War. This vaguely amused me and I debated buying it, but after flicking through it I decided it didn't actually look that interesting so I put it back. Then I picked out another book (The Summer House by Mary Nichols), turned it over...and it was another book vaguely to do with WW1! At this point I was a bit creeped out and texted sascharin all WHAT ARE THE ODDS THAT THE FIRST TWO BOOKS I RANDOMLY PICK OUT JUST HAPPEN TO BE ABOUT WW1. I'M NOT EVEN IN THE MILITARY SECTION \;A;/

...She just laughed :| We continued our text conversation and I carried on browsing, when what should happen? If you guessed, "Laney somehow managed to pick out yet another war book TOTALLY UNINTENTIONALLY" you'd be right. I can't remember what the title was now, it was something pretty vague and not obviously war-related (something to do with sand, I think), but I turned it over and the blurb began with "The First World War is raging in Europe." I was just like MICHAEL I DID IT AGAIN \;D;/ Seriously, it was so bizarre. At this point I was like FINE, I WILL JUST GO OVER TO THE MILITARY SECTION. AT LEAST THAT WAY IT WON'T BE STRANGE WHEN I PICK OUT A WAR BOOK :|;;;;

Of course then the only problem was that I was like I WANT THEM ALL ;o; I must have spent a good ten, fifteen minutes trying to decide what one to get. Eventually it was a toss up between a book of interviews with veterans regarding the Armistice, which I thought could be pretty interesting, and For Love and Courage which is a book of letters written by this soldier who was killed in 1917 (extra moment of lulz: "He was shot through the heart,..." <-- just as I read this, 'You Give Love a Bad Name' started playing on my ipod and I cracked up, then felt bad for laughing). Both books a) sounded awesome and b) could be used as research for my portfolio, but I couldn't really afford to buy both. Eventually I decided to go for the letters because it was the cheaper one. Also it'll probably be the most helpful out of the two for my story.

SO THAT WAS MY DAY. I think I've abused the word "so" in this entry XD;

ETA: Oh yeah, I forgot to say: I had £25 worth of gift vouchers. My three books came to £24.97. So my gift card was returned to me with 3 pence left on it :|;;;; So pointless.
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Writer's Block: Critical mass

How well do you take criticism? Do you deflect it or take it personally? Does it usually inspire you to change? Are you more critical of yourself or others?

Honestly? I don't recall ever getting criticism about myself as a person. I don't know if that means people have just been too afraid to give it, or they've never felt the need to. I'd like to think I would take it well, but I would imagine hearing that there is a part of you that people really dislike would be hard. I would probably say I'm okay with it and try to change, but cry to myself once I was alone XD

Now, criticism re:writing is something, as a Creative Writing student, I've got a lot of. As long as it's constructive, I welcome it. I hate criticism for the sake of criticising and if that's what someone is doing, I'm more likely to just ignore it. For the most part though, I do try and pay attention to what I'm told because it is probably being said for a reason.

And speaking of writing: I haven't done any of the work today that I told myself I would do, oops. I guess tomorrow will have to be my productive day. Hopefully it'll be another nice day so I can nip into town in the morning and post this package, then I can spend the rest of the day working on these essays.

But now it is bedtime.
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I told myself I'd start using my journal more often, but that hasn't really happened. Perhaps after this weekend I'll make more of an effort.

I have work in a few hours (not looking forward to it, yesterday was kind of a nightmare) and then straight after that I'm off home for a few days! It won't be much of a break seeing as I have to be back for work Wednesday evening, but I fully intend to take advantage of this time to sit on my butt doing nothing whatsoever.

...Which I do a lot anyway, but the point is, I will be sat on my butt doing nothing at home where I have more than two rooms to entertain myself in, and kitties, and a new gecko to meet.

Oh and about the new icon - I have been encouraged to start watching Durarara!! by agkelikos and Kida (shown in the icon) is one of my favourite characters. He's kind of a huge dork, but I think there's more to him - we just haven't found out what it is yet. Anyway, it's kind of a random anime and I still can't decide how much I like it, but it's fun.